top robot accuracy thru efficient novel calibration technology



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iSiOS offers metrology products and complete services for high-precision robot applications. Core competencies are the development of software and sensor devices for the enhancement of robot accuracy, the optimization and control of industrial robots as well as quality assurance and production control.

The current core product iSiOS is a contact free, laser-based metrology system for robot calibration, workcell calibration and 6D object-identification. Due to its patented technolgy iSiOS provides highest levels of absolute robot accuracy in combination with unrivaled cost-efficiency. Technical advantages include: the large gravity-induced deflections and elasticites are compensated, absolute lengths are reliably measured, positional- and orientational-accuracy up to the tooltip is maximized and no additional laser tracker is needed during set-up anymore - see here for technical details.

Besides robot calibration services, iSiOS offers lines of products for standard calibration, gantry calibration (mechanisms comprising a mixture of revolute and linear joints) as well as temperature compensation and in particular systems for concurrent inline calibration and workcell calibration, i.e. for 6D-pose identification of fixtures and devices in the workcell.

iSiOS metrology systems are installed at customer sites in USA, Asia and Europe. iSiOS appreciates to present references to state of the art iSiOS installations in diverse application fields.

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